Since the foundation of Solitaire Logistics Pvt. Ltd, in the spring of 2003, service, quality, and transportation excellence has been the company's principle philosophy. Through innovation and determination, Solitaire Logistics has managed to flourish amidst the economic uncertainty during this timeframe. Solitaire Logistics is a 100% privately owned enterprise, which has grown to become a recognized world leader in the transportation industry. Our business being a part of the service industry, we are proud of our 98 % on time performance record.

We start by helping you, our client, plan all the details well in advance...eliminating problems before they affect your schedules and budgets. Then, when you're ready to ship, we manage every step of your transportation chain, from inland to loading, documentation, shipping and delivery.

Your Solitaire Logistics contact is an experienced professional in both Sea and Air logistics management...who handles shipments to and from the most demanding areas of the world. Someone who knows how to keep your goods on the move and free of needless red tape.

We look after your interests...through the entire supply chain by monitoring all aspects of your international movements, expediting each activity and continuously striving to improve the transportation process. We provide a dependable and reliable service that enables you to conduct all of your international business free from transportation difficulties.